As the United States reels over a hate-filled weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacist terrorists staged rallies that led to deadly violence, and as the war against an ISIS-related group in Marawi City, Philippines, continues to rage, political analyst Dr. Patricio N. Abinales proffers a welcome and consoling view on "Why Our Moro Brothers and Sisters Will Never Turn Fundamentalist." So far, the vast majority of Filipino Muslims are proving the correctness of his thesis, so read it and breathe a sigh of relief.

Chess aficionados all over the world will enjoy this week's feature on Wesley So, arguably the best chess player the Philippines has ever produced so far. Eliseo Tumbaga, himself a chess expert, gives us an update on the heights this 23-year old chess wonder has reached in the international chess firmament, in "Wesley So's Rocky Road to the World Chess Championship."

PF Correspondent and resident foodie Elizabeth Ann Quirino remembers her hometown of Tarlac, Tarlac through its food, specifically that addicting delicacy called tupig. In "Tupig from Tarlac," she tells us about Laring, the town's most famous tupig vendor, whose product the author recreated in her American kitchen. The resulting tupig recipe, US version, is our Happy Home Cook feature this week.

Some interesting and timely pieces make up our In The Know list for this issue:

I'm 20, Filipino-American and from the South. Here's what I saw in Charlottesville.

The Microsoft Exec Who Came from the Slums

Tender, melty Filipino pork from a food truck

Music Sensation Bruno Mars donates $1 million to Flint victims

Our Video of the Week: we feature how Cole Rogers, a disabled man, didn't let his handicap from learning the Filipino Martial Art of Kali.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino