Anniversaries of Political Violence

Yesterday, August 21, we marked the anniversaries of two cataclysmic events that changed the course of Philippine history:

* 47 years ago, August 21, 1971, the Liberal Party political rally in Plaza Miranda was bombed, killing some and permanently disfiguring some of the well-known legislators at that time. Public sentiment blamed President Marcos, then already increasing unpopular, who then declared the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus (leading a year later to the declaration of martial law). Decades after, some members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) revealed (and this was later confirmed by other insiders) that the Plaza Miranda bombing was ordered by the CPP leadership. Read Again journalist/author Gregg Jones account: The Ghosts of Plaza Miranda

* 35 years ago, August 21, 1983, opposition leader Benigno Aquino Jr. was assassinated upon arrival at the Manila International Airport. The heinous crime resulted in an upheaval so massive that for the next three years, the Philippines was like a cauldron just waiting to explode. Read Again, journalist Ken Kashiwahara's story of Ninoy's last minutes: Ninoy's Final Journey

This year, August, a shroud of sorrow envelopes the Filipino American community with the sudden passing of a beloved historian/author and community leader Dawn Bohulano Mabalon. Her friend, Mariel Toni Jimenez, tells us why Dawn's death is heavy as a mountain.

On a brighter note, PF Correspondent Elizabeth Ann Quirino profiles Cathy Feliciano Chon, Captivating Communications Influencer, in her continuing series of outstanding young Filipinos.

And here's a look on the evolution of the cherished mythical figure, Ibong Adarna, by PF Correspondent Myles A. Garcia.

Among our In The Know links this week is AARP's announcement that Washington DC-based community leader Jon Melegrito won the AARP AAPI Hero Award.

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In the midst of summer in the Western hemisphere, how about cooking a traditional favorites: Inihaw na Baboy (Grilled Pork). Our Happy Home Cook recipe for the week.

And for Video of the Week, a rare footage unearthed by the Associated Press from its archives that shows a scene from the 1976 trial of Ninoy Aquino. 

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino