A Smorgasbord of Stories

This week, we turn our attention to Sochi for the Winter Olympics (see our story "Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies") and two participants: J.R. Celski, the US' best bet for one or two Olympic golds in short track speed skating, who is Filipino American; and Michael Martinez, the first Philippine contender for ice skating.

We are also reminded of the first woman who ever scored a gold medal in the Olympics: Victoria Manalo Draves, whose father was Filipino and who fought against severe racial discrimination to win two gold medals for diving in the 1948 Summer Olympics. We salute her unprecedented feat and celebrate her Filipino roots with a story on a movie-in-the-making (if the gods of Kickstarter will shine its light on the project), "Becoming Victoria."

The battle for one's legal place in the American sun never ceases. As vested interests slug it out in Congress for immigration reform, a Filipino family in Texas (see "Stormy Weather") is caught in the middle. When elephants fight, the grass suffers, as the saying goes. 

A different kind of struggle confronts Maria Kang, fitness advocate and mother of three, who triggered a social media firestorm when women, especially new mothers, took her "What's Your Excuse?" challenge as an insult. Read her side of the controversy in this week's Positively Filipino exclusive, "No Excuse Mom."

These and a smorgasbord of stories that elevate, titillate and educate will make this month a fitting celebration of love and the Year of the Horse. Be sure you're with us for a memorable ride.  

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino