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Billiards. The game that is revered by a large number of Filipinos and has triggered thousands of missed classes by high school and college students is given due reverence by PF Correspondent Myles Garcia's story on "Filipino Wizards of the Pool Table." Read about Efren Reyes, the world champion, who has put the Philippines on the billiards world map, along with Django Bustamante, Dennis Orcullo and others who have carved out a niche in the country's billiards hall of fame.

June is Pride Month and our Philippine-based correspondent Rene Astudillo looks at the status of the Filipino LGBT movement and the realities it has to confront. In "Pride and Prejudice in the Filipino LGBT Community," there are reasons for both fear and hope.

Today marks the 158th anniversary of the birth of our National Hero, Jose Rizal. Here are some Read Agains to remind us why, 123 years after his death by musketry, his life still commands interest:

Jose Rizal, The Oracle by Mona Lisa Yuchengco

Jose Rizal and His Dueling German Friends by Penelope V. Flores

Rizal’s Cook Remembers a Good Man by John Silva

Jose Rizal, Martial Arts Warrior by Rene J. Navarro

And for the Happy Home Cook, here's a repeat posting of Elizabeth Ann Quirino's Sabaw ng Munggo Guisado, said to be Jose Rizal's favorite dish: The Happy Home Cook: Sabaw ng Munggo Guisado

In case you missed reading them, here are links to interesting stories:

Filipina finds freedom after living as family slave in US for decades

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The Most Prominent Families in Manila

Tito Al’s Success Story: It Started with Chicharron

The Long and Tumultuous History of the Humble Banana Ketchup

For Video of the Week, Lea Salonga sings “A Whole New World” with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Vince Rodriguez.

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Millennials Rising

Let's hear it from millennials!

Ateneo medical student Pia Guballa reflects on the inequities of status and gender privilege in the obstetrics ward on her last day of rotation. "Healer, Lick Thy Wounds" is not only insightful of the harsh realities in women's health, it also reveals a compassionate human being who is cut out to be a future doctor of conscience. May her tribe increase. 

Another good one from an Ateneo student, we're sharing this essay by the valedictorian of Class 2019 and outgoing president of the Ateneo student council, Reycel Hyacenth Bendaña, whose proletarian roots (she is the daughter of a jeepney driver) makes her immensely qualified to call for, not just a more generous Ateneo but, more importantly, a more generous country. We are reposting her essay from the Ateneo University web site so we take it that the institution is officially listening. We hope its alumni are as well. ("Prayer for Generosity")

From Stockton, California, Jaelyn Galasinao Sanidad, a third-generation Filipino American, talks about how it is to survive in what was once ground zero of the Filipino manong community and the strong sense of kinship this shared history has encouraged in succeeding generations like hers. Jaelyn is part of the forthcoming (June 22) annual cultural showcase, this year titled "Dawn." (Read "Little Manila at the Break of Dawn")

Today we celebrate the 121st anniversary of Philippine Independence. Here's a valuable Read Again to put the significance of the day in perspective: "Why June 12 is Different From Other Days" by John L. Silva 

On June 16, it will be Father's Day so here's another Read Again: "A Day in the Life of a Single Dad" 

And here's a fitting tribute to the great Filipino actor, Eddie Garcia, who is currently fighting for his life after a freak accident during shooting: Marra PL. Lanot's "What Makes Eddie Run?"

Our In The Know links to articles from other publications: 

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Ulam:Main Dish' celebrates Filipino cuisine

For the Happy Home Cook this week, we are re-posting Chef Marvin Gapultos' suggested dishes for your own Independence Day celebration.

For Video of the Week, we feature McDonald’s Philippines Father’s Day commercial.

Poultry in Motion

What happens when twelve inebriated teenage boys get exceedingly hungry at 10 o'clock on a hot and humid night? They get into mischief, of course. In this lengthy but laugh-out-loud funny piece "Which Comes First, the Chicken, or the Scruples?", first-time contributor Albert J. Lesaca provides the lurid details of a prank that exploded out of control and eventually entered the annals of UP (University of the Philippines) campus lore in the '60s. He was one of them so he knows whereof he speaks.

A powerful book by E.J.R. David titled "We Have Not Stopped Trembling Yet: Letters to My Filipino-Athabascan Family" is reviewed by Jen Soriano, writing it as a letter to her four-year-old son. The book is one of the very few that focuses on the life of an "Eskipino" (a mix of Eskimo and Filipino) family and the historical trauma and oppressive colonization that accompany a minority community in America. 

And speaking of colonization, here's a fitting Read Again from poet/author/academic Oscar Penaranda who writes about how he was reconciled with an authentic flag from the Philippine-American War, a long-lost flag that had his grandfather's name literally on it. Florentino Peñaranda, the grandfather, was one of the last combatants of the war for Philippine Independence to surrender to the Americans at the turn of the 20th century. 

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To prepare for Father's Day, here's a recipe you can make ahead from writer/author Cecilia Manguerra-Brainard, Leche Flan Vietnamese Style.

And for another touch of levity, a funny and clever Video of the Week from Canadian Filipino singer/comedian Mickey Bustos: If Freddie Mercury was Filipino...

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino