5 Mind-Blowing Pinoy Dance Phenoms

We’re back with more Fil-Am talents burning up on YouTube. This time, dancers! I’ve gathered some of the best dancers, choreographers and teachers in the game. Making their appearance on season seven of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew,” these dancers put their flair to the test. This is a dance/style-driven competition where crews “battle it out” to popular music. 

Check them out! Do you have a favorite Filipino American dancer or choreographer? Let us know in the comments.


Bam Martin – "Twenties, Fifties, Hundreds"


With his hard-hitting moves, Bam Martin has the ability to get you hyped and start dancing with him. Affiliated with groups such as GRV, Movement Lifstyle, Boxcuttuhz, The Masses, and Mos Wanted Crew, Bam’s artistry is something amazing. Check out his other pieces like “I’m Busy” for more inspiration to get you dancing.


Brian Puspos – "Fumble"


Intricate moves fueled by heartfelt passion. These factors allow Brian Puspos to display such powerful choreography. Every move carries a message. Whether it’s lyrical or to the beat, Puspos never fails to come through. He now tours with many groups, teaching classes and inspiring new talented dancers to chase their dreams.


Jun Quemado – "Dance in the Mirror"


Jun Quemado is a force to be reckoned with, but don’t get me wrong–his best performances are fluent and romantic. He’s a guru of dance smoothness, not too fluid or too robotic. He coasts between the two. Part of many famous dance crews, Quemado also tours around the world, spreading his choreographic artistry to other eager dance advocates.


Ailyn Isidro – ArchiTEKS


A powerful Filipina, Ailyn Isidro represented the Pinays on MTV’s "America’s Best Dance Crew: Season 2." She was one of two women in the SoReal Cru. Falling just short of the title, SoReal Cru finished second behind the breakdancing ninjas: Supa Crew. Isidro is also a member of the ArchiTEKS dance crew along with other Asian/Asian-American dance superstars. She brings the fire when it comes to keeping it on the dance floor.


Myron Marten – Founder of Mos Wanted Crew


Marten is the founder of Mos Wanted Crew. He wanted to put together a group that represented the dance community because so many dance artists out there don’t have a place to practice or a chance to perform and show off their chops. MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” gives Mos Wanted, a group of seven dance teachers, a chance to show the world what the Fil-Am dance community has to offer. 

Jordan Ricarte  (Photo by Gani Ricarte)

Jordan Ricarte (Photo by Gani Ricarte)

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