Mapúa opens Philippines’ first fully online engineering graduate program

Mapúa University, the premier engineering and technological school in the Philippines, is offering the first fully online graduate engineering program in the country, the Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (MEP-IE) beginning January 8, 2018.

The MEP-IE is designed for graduates of engineering, technology, or business. It seeks to overcome geographic time zone limitations, thus expanding the university’s reach globally. This online program is part of the internationalization and digitalization initiatives of the University.

The program caters to current professionals who do not have the time to attend regular class sessions, giving the convenience and flexibility to study at their free time. Because of the chosen platform, MEP-IE is open to any qualified and interested student anywhere in the world, especially overseas Filipinos seeking to upgrade their knowledge and technical skills.

Aside from recorded lectures and examinations, students will be required to submit a capstone project, integrating and applying their learnings in the field. 

The program will follow Mapúa’s quarter system enabling the student to complete the MEP-IE program in less than two years (seven quarters). Students should earn 36 course units to complete the program and earn the degree.

According to Mapúa University president and chief executive officer Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, the program was chosen because it would not require physical laboratories and it has a wide range of applications. 

“Our recent experiences in offering specific courses not only in the blended instruction mode but also in the massive, simultaneous real-time delivery of lectures have given us the confidence to offer an entire program study in a fully online mode,” said Dr. Vea. 

By next year, more fully online programs for all major master’s degree offerings in engineering and information technology are set to be offered. 

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