Sea Finds and a Desert Run

Pearl is one of three birthstones for June, and PF Contributor Myles A. Garcia sends in a timely story about some of the biggest pearls in the world found mainly in Palawan, including the Lao-Tzu pearl whose provenance almost reads like a crime thriller. Read "Pearls of the Orient Seas" and be amazed.

What pushes a man to run the Badwater ultramarathon, the world's toughest footrace? Ben Gaetos, an LA-based architect and probably the first Filipino to finish this extremely rigorous race, explains why he did it in "The Stubbornness of a Long-Distance Runner."

It's considered a delicacy in northern Philippines but for journalist/food connoisseur Rene M. Astudillo, "pinikpikan" is a no-no in his book. Find out why in "Why I Won't Eat the Cordilleras' Popular Pinikpikan."

Be amused at some of the funny signs one encounters in the Philippines. 

One of the best essays about Rizal is a must-read in our In The Know list this week:

“Death Is A Night Wind”

The wrecking-ball president

Manila City gov't is planning to destroy its last park

Duterte signs Philippine Mental Health law

For the Happy Home Cook, another simplified version of a Filipino favorite -- cassava cake -- from Melanie Q. Suzara.

For Video of the Week, Safeguard Philippines features Norman King, the first Filipino Aeta to graduate from the University of the Philippines.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino