Love and Consciousness

Now that LGBTQ rights are under assault (again), it's heartwarming to hear of a good story like Cherie Querol Moreno's "Two Brides and Open Hearts," a loving portrait of a family wedding that affirms the right to choose who you love. That it took place in Orlando, Florida -- the land of homophobic Anita Bryant -- is doubly sweet.

In San Francisco's Manilatown, Fil-Am history gets an early tribute with the exhibit of paintings and photographs of Tony Remington, a Manila-born, San Francisco-raised artist who went through the angst of lost identity and found his bearings when he went back to the Philippines for a few years. Carlos Zialcita chronicles the artist's journey of self-discovery in "Tony Remington's Launching Point to Fil-Am Consciousness."

Presy Lopez-Psinakis, who passed away recently, was an important figure in the US-based movement against the Marcos dictatorship. Cherie Querol Moreno pays tribute to the lady known for her grace and courage.

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Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino