Happy New Year!

The stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve is when we entertain the illusion that our wishes will come true.

I have a bumper crop of wishes this year, after a 2013 that was too eventful for comfort: 

  1. A break from natural disasters for our homeland.
  2. Legal "just desserts" for corrupt government officials.
  3. A charismatic, able and electable non-traditional politician as a serious presidential contender for 2016 in the Philippines.
  4. Gay rights become universal.
  5. Immigration reform passes in the US.
  6. President Obama announces the appointment of General Antonio Taguba to an important government post.
  7. No more wars. This includes the insurgencies in the Philippines.
  8. The multinational coming together that transpired for the Haiyan survivors becomes a permanent thing, not just during disasters.
  9. Bruno Mars wins big in the Grammys and comes out with another song as beautiful and poignant as "When I Was Your Man."
  10. Those who felt that they were at the bottom of life's Ferris Wheel last year take their turn on top of the world.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino