"Gosh, Finally."

Congratulations on this new initiative. Very interesting, exhaustive. It gives a good slice of current life and interests in the Philippines; what affects us as Filipinos, what makes us proud, what we go for  and what makes us tick.  It also reminds us of times gone by—indeed a gamut of everything you would like to know. Parang istambayan. I am looking forward to your January issue. Kudos to the whole gang.  –Olive Baccaray, New Jersey

Thank you for sharing with me your Positively Filipino online magazine. The line up of articles in the maiden edition is of interest to the general readership, and you are on the right track.  I am sure Filipinos everywhere would be happy to read those interesting articles.  –Johnny Pecayo, Philippines

Interesting stories and photos, good writing, clean layout, among other nice features.  – Ed Maranan, Philippines

Beautiful site!  I just read Lisa’s piece on Marilou Diaz-Abaya and was teary-eyed.  Very moving.  Our family loved Marilou.  She got my mom (Caridad Sanchez) to act again after my father died.  Later on, they did “Bagong Buwan” together and Mommy almost did a grand slam of acting awards that year.  –Cathy Babao, Philippines

I think it is just terrific.  Couldn’t stop reading it--the topics, the writing, the accessibility. Congratulations to you and your team! I am happy to see that Rene and Gemma have joined you.  I immediately read your eulogy to Marilou Diaz-Abaya, which was so moving, I cried.  What a remarkable life she lived and what a gift your relationship to her was.  –Barbara Bundy, San Bruno, CA

Wonderful idea!  We definitely need this!  –Connie Gonzalez, Philippines

Having just watched the beautiful film about Delfin Gonzalez and his loving tribute to his wife, and reading the heartfelt eulogy of Marilou Diaz-Abaya, I will be reading your beta blog with pride and eagerness in the days and weeks to come, you can be sure.There is such a thing as cultural pride in all of us, and God has given you the talent to tap into this well of rich resource to bring us (Pinoys and Pinays) stories, films and other people’s gifts that we may hold ourselves up, a proud and talented Filipino people!  –Eva Monroe, San Francisco, CA

Looks great!  Congrats on a new and important resource for good journalism and diverse news by and about Filipinos across the globe, with limitless stories of diaspora among generations.  –Terry Bautista, Oakland, CA

Thank you so much for sharing Positively Filipino.  It’s an awesome resource for truly interesting and important Filipino news and information.  I read with intensity and enjoyed the high quality of articles and composition.  The idea of having an e-magazine like this is phenomenal. I read the article on Goose Station and can’t wait to go back and taste Rizal’s menu.  Congratulations on the beautiful eulogy for Marilou Diaz-Abaya.  The piece was so touching and yet so real--your inspiration was so apparent in the reading.  –Tisa Nava, VA

Interesting!  Though if you define global Filipino as educated, upper-middle class, this will work.  But more global Filipinos are really our workers.  Are you reaching out to them as well?  You need to write in Filipino then on the more basic subject matters.  –Micky Makabenta

I’d like to congratulate and affirm your initiative for launching E-PF.  I believe the intent and spirit of the E-PF are noble; hence, I am excited to see the maiden issue, enjoy the same and pass along to my networks in Canada.  –Romeo Honorio, Calgary, Canada

Congrats to Chito Sta. Romana on an excellent article on China.  For the first time, I understood what the issue is all about.  Read Lisa’s eulogy for Marilou Abaya, too.  What a beautiful tribute!  –Ken Kashiwahara, Millbrae, CA

Congratulations and THANK YOU for this initiative–you are definitely raising the bar with this discourse about being Filipino, wherever we may find ourselves.  –Lyca Benitez-Brown

Gosh, finally, an online magazine that we as Filipinos can be proud of.  Great and appealing layout, easy to navigate, relevant content; good mix of categories and topics.  –Ted Benito, Los Angeles, CA

THANK YOU to the TEAM in putting this fantastic online magazine–YEAH.  Just read “Eat All You Can” (discovering the quirks of Filipino life from a first-time visitor) and enjoyed that immensely.  –Ligaya Cruz, San Ramon, CA

We have been waiting for this publication since Filipinas left print.  –Anthony Maddela, Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations on a wonderful new cyber portal to our experiences as global Filipinos.  I was just going to take a peek but ended up reading each and every article.  Keep up the great work and high quality writing.  –Mel Orpilla, Vallejo, CA