Emotional Turbulence

Such an emotional political week both in the Philippines and the US so let's take a break from the volatility and read some stories that will calm us down.

Lou Gopal, author of ManilaNostalgia.com, shared with us his very detailed and picturesque memories of the grand, ol Manila Hotel, the setting of so much history. social events and yes, scandals. His piece is a long one but it's worth every minute of your time. And it's good, especially for young readers, to know about Manila in the bygone days, when grace, elegance and discretion were iron-clad rules, not today's vulgarity and uncouth-ness.

From London, Emmily Magtalas-Rhodes catches up with acclaimed author Candy Gourlay whose two books, Tall Story and Shine, have racked up some pretty impressive awards and recognition not just in the Philippines but internationally.

For our Happy Home Cook, Elizabeth Ann Quirino tries out Leche Flan Sous Vide. Now I had to google what sous vide is and it's a method of cooking that involves steaming in plastic bags. If you're thinking of trying it out, here's a simple recipe for you.

Lastly, in our Video of the Week, History Asia's Jamie Dempsey features the Manobo priestesses' tradition of weaving their life stories into a wonderful cloak.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino