Close Encounters of the Pinoy Kind

With millions of our kababayans living, working and enjoying life all over the world, what are the chances that you'll meet some in your travels? Definitely much much more likely than not meeting one at all (which happened to us in Rio de Janeiro, but then we didn't stay long enough).

We've introduced a new section called Pinoyspotting, and that's where we put photos of your encounters with interesting Filipinos you've met while you were on vacation, on assignment, on work travel, whatever. See our guidelines in this week's Pinoyspotting feature from Rey de la Cruz.

Another section we'd like to point you to is In Brief, daily capsule reports about Filipinos all over the globe -- a perfect way to stay in touch with the diaspora without spending too much time scrolling down or searching the news sites. Checking out Global Briefs regularly fits right into your busy schedule.

Meanwhile, in The Magazine, we have a variety of offerings for you this week: virtual sleuth Myles Garcia regales us with his research on "The 'Oldest' Filipino Film?" and our art director Raymond Virata reports on celebrated chef Tim Luym's creations in "Tofu With Love.”

Another celebrated Filipino, Major General Antonio Taguba (Ret.), shares with us his op-ed, "Why I Called Out the US Military on Torture," first published by the New York Times.

We are as sad as everyone else with the death of Robin Williams, and our publisher, Mona Lisa Yuchengco, writes a heartfelt tribute. We have also picked up the video tribute of Filipino American actor Dante Basco, who worked with Williams in “Hook” and the statement of Marsha Garces, Williams' second wife who he once jokingly described as “Finnipino.”

And from one of our partner organizations, the New America Media, an informative piece that any smart phone user should read, "Can You Trust That App?"

My blog post this week: “Good Night My Friend.”

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino