Climate and Consciousness

The volatility of weather patterns because of climate change has brought about a growing tragedy: climate refugees such as those who survived the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan and had to move out of the area to seek employment or livelihood. LA-based journalist Dorian Merina explains this phenomena in the last of his series on climate change and how it is affecting Filipinos.

HOCUS is not a magic trick but it is a magical experience as veteran journalist and author Sylvia L. Mayuga takes us on a virtual tour of the exhibit of 26 artworks of Saul Hofileña and Guy Custodio, currently going on at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Manila. Gemma Cruz-Araneta curates this "leap of consciousness" showcase of the Filipino soul, which runs until October this year.

Let me tell you about visiting Boracay and how to make the best of it in "Yes, Boracay," my blog this month.

And for those planning to travel to warm climes, here's how to avoid the travel bloat. Read Again Imelda Oppenheim's "Beat the Heat Bloat," a timely reminder for summer in the western hemisphere.

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Writing Toward Home

Filipino farmer strikes gold with cocoa

Summer weather brings memories of ambulant vendors and their merienda fare back home, one of which is the popular banana-cue. Here's how to make it, our recipe for the Happy Home Cook this week.

For our Video of the Week, CNN features the team behind the Philippines' "first female-led brewery."

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino