"Brings Filipino Pride To New Heights!"


A big “Thank You” for featuring my article on #5.1 issue of Positively Filipino! I read the other articles and enjoyed reading them all. I’ll pass this along to family, friends, associates, brethren in church and others.  –Oscar Castanos, Ontario, Canada

I’m definitely enjoying Positively Filipino mag so far. Relevant, fresh info in a very digestible way. Keep it up.  –Valerie Barrios

I love your magazine, especially the previous one about your mom. Very touching and inspiring.  –Ochee Garcia, Bacolod, Philippines

Brings Filipino pride to new heights!  –Marisa P. Robles, San Francisco


Kami nga, pati aso, Google ang pangalan.  –Norman Lauchang


This was beautiful. Lisa’s story made me all teary-eyed. Sharing this on my networks.  –Betty Ann Quirino, New York


I have to agree with the author’s view. Besides, unknown by the majority of our people and untaught by our history books, the issue of Sabah has long been decided by the international court of justice. If there is something to be done, the Filipino people and Philippine government would have to do it themselves and alone, and become the pariah of the international community.  –George Dumlao

A very sober and balanced piece.  –Rad Basa

A subtle defense of Aquino’s foreign policy! Then what happens to those whose rights were violated? We want democracy and an end to feudal patronage in Mindanao but at the cost of our sovereignty?  –Gerry Lanuza

Funny and hypocritical, eh? Like how the Americans candy coated our “freedom” and “democracy” through the years after we were massacred in the Filipino American War as we were taught that our heroes were bandits like Sakay? I wonder how much money was slapped on the author’s face by the Aquino government to make such a story.  –Paul S. Galutera

This article is overloaded with uncommon senses that simply proposes for 1) outright legal surrender of Sabah claim (despite the clear and factual legal basis that same has been granted to the Muslim Filipinos through the Sultanate of Sulu) ; 2) making the presumption of fear (of eventual cessation of Sabah by the Sultanate from Philippines) as main justification for Philippine government to abandon its claim to Sabah.  –JitChrist Entila

For more than two centuries, Northern Mindanao had flourishing Christian Visayan communities and fortress towns: Zamboanga, Dipolog, dapitan, Oroquieta, Jimenez, Ozamiz, Cagayan de Oro. Surrounded by marauding Muslims, these communities survived! In our Misamis Occidental, we have the Subanens who are animists and traditional enemies of the Maranaos of Lanao across Panguil Bay. A history of distrust and fear! We can never be under them!  –Butch Durias

Amazing how many so-called “intelligent” Filipinos were taken for a ride by the Kirams. The poverty of our lower classes are easier to address it seems than the poverty of values in our so-called elite.  –William Esposo

First of all, please let us be civil and not cast aspersions on the author who is a university professor in Hawaii. The problem is just too complicated and there will always be consequences. According to news reports, the Department of Justice is studying the possibility of taking the matter up with the World Court. Assuming a case is pursued and the Philippine government wins, what can we do if Malaysia will not honor the ruling? Definitely going to war is not an option. Those craving for a fight should immediately volunteer and enlist in the military. Talk is cheap! Maawa naman kayo sa mga sundalo natin at sa kanilang pamilya!  –Boy Ner