Born That Way

There’s proof that American-born or raised Filipinos inherit the humor genes of their immigrant parents. Our correspondent Anthony Maddela writes about Filipino AF, a year-old comedic ensemble that uses sketch humor, dance, film and yes, lumpia, to tickle its mostly Filipino audiences (see “Comedy That’s as Filipino As F__.”)

On a sober note, Lt. Patricia Teston, a young Filipina officer in the U.S. Navy, safely guides her ship through the dangerous waters of the Persian Gulf and feels she has fulfilled a vow she made as a child when a devastating typhoon battered her island (“My Vow for Undang.”)

Slow down with writer Criselda Yabes (“Kyoto Days”) as she serenely bikes her way around Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan. Meditatively feast your eyes on its temples then mercilessly chomp down its French-inspired croissants.

Cookbook author Liza Agbanlog is back with her take on Adobong Dilaw.

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For Video of the Week, CNN Philippines features Lea Salonga as celebrates her 40 years in show business.