Awesome Filipinas

One of the delightful benefits of putting out a magazine is getting stories of Filipinos who are so inspiring that merely reading about them makes one feel elevated. On the occasion of International Women's Month, enjoy these stories by women aboutwomen who are definitely worthy of emulation:

Dr. Reinabelle Reyes, a young astrophysicist, recognized by the international scientific community for leading a study that proved Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Carleen Sacris, herself an accomplished educator, profiles this awe-inspiring woman in "Seeing Stars with Dr. Reina Reyes."

Dr. Helena Z. Benitez, educator, civic leader, former senator and former president of the Philippine Women's University, is lovingly written about by her niece. Read Again "Travels With My Aunt" by Lyca Benitez-Brown, a well-known TV producer, who wrote this story when Dr. Benitez was 99 years old. She's now turning 102 and still going strong. 

Clemencia Lopez, one of the founders of the Philippine Feminist Association in 1905, dared go to the White House (the first Filipino to do so) to talk to then-President Theodore Roosevelt and plead for the freedom of her brothers who fought in the Philippine-American War. This is another Read Again by Lyca whose illustrious genealogy includes Ms. Lopez.

Award-winning author/journalist Criselda Yabes reveals her thoughts about "Manila Life" today, the stark reality of which is that it is quickly becoming unliveable. 

Speaking of inspiring, the two winning essays of the 30th Anniversary EDSA/People Power Essay Writing Contest, by young Filipino Americans Josh Severn and Jon Luigi Abella Caña, present some worthy food for thought. 

And a peek into Positively Filipino Correspondent Myles A. Garcia's new book, "Thirty Years Later...Catching Up with the Marcos-Era Crimes," to be launched at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco on Friday, March 11 (everyone is invited): "The True 'Tail' of the Persopolis Bash 45 Years Ago."

For our Happy Home Cook feature this week, a perfect dish for Lent: Adobong Okra from the late culinary diva, Nora Daza. 

Finally, do you think the Philippines is paradise? See for yourself in our Video of the Week feature. 

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino