A Shrinking World

I first heard of the term "global village" when I was a journalism student many many years ago. We were being introduced to Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian media visionary who actually described what would become the world wide web and social media and how they will impact human society 30 or so years before these technologies saw the light of day. 

McLuhan's prescient theories were too abstract for me. How could I have imagined an interconnected world when my personal universe was limited to the university campus I grew up in?

Still the term "global village" stuck with me because then as now, I find the concept  so cool. Through the years, as the Filipino diaspora expanded to 180 countries, as I became an expat myself, and — as McLuhan predicted — technology has shrank the world into, well, a virtual village, those two words combined continue to fire up my imagination.

With Positively Filipino, I'd like to think that in our own miniscule way, in my personal limited definition, we are doing our part in making the global village a reality.

Our goal is worldwide coverage, our target readership Filipinos wherever they are. 

So whenever you feel the need to connect with kababayans or to our homeland, check us out any day of the week. 

And in case you haven't noticed, we have a special section called In Brief that gathers and summarizes news that keep us all connected with each other.


Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino