A National Museum, Naturally

The Philippines has a beautiful new museum -- the National Museum of Natural History housed in the former Department of Tourism building and renovated to reflect 21st century innovations in the era of climate change. Retired Ambassador Virgilio A. Reyes, Jr. gives us a peek of its history and collections.

Much has been written about the late chef/adventurer/raconteur and media personality Anthony Bourdain's love for Filipinos and our food. Very few, however, have been as up close and personal to him as one of the Philippines' celebrity chefs, Claude Tayag, who was Bourdain's chief guide to Kapampangan cuisine in the No Reservations' most watched episode on the Philippines. In his column that he wrote last week and shared with us, Tayag pays tribute to this extraordinary character and how he was when the cameras were off.

Dr. Sonny Siasoco couldn't get over his appreciation of kababayans that he encountered in his balikbayan visits, so he wrote "Random Acts of Kindness, Pinoy-style" to remind us that there's a lot to celebrate in the Filipino national character.

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Our Happy Home Cook recipe comes from Rene Astudillo's food blog, MyBayKitchen.wordpress.com: Callos a la Madrileña.

For Our Video of the Week, a Daly City woman was caught on video spouting racist slurs against a Mexican-Filipino couple.

Gemma Nemenzo

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